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Four herbs and jasmine rice

Four herbs and jasmine rice

Fresh oregano, dill, parsley and cilantro, puréed with olive oil and fresh sliced garlic, stirred into warm rice. A little crunchy fleur de sel to finish, and you will be in love. Thanks to Michael Natkin again at Herbivoracious for this treat.

Balsamic Wheatberries with Peaches & Prosciutto

Balsamic Wheatberries with Peaches & Prosciutto

I love wheatberries and find them pretty versatile. So with the late summer peaches being so juicy and sweet, I envisioned a hearty, sweet, salty summer grain salad: wheatberries, super ripe peaches, balsamic vinegar, prosciutto and chopped parsley. Yum!

Cool Melon Summer Soup

Cool Melon Summer Soup

And on this smoking hot August day, here is a little chilled summer soup for you: cantaloupe, ginger, lime, mint, Lillet, strawberry.

Plum Tatin #3: Plum Tatin

Plum Tatin #3: Plum Tatin

Inverted Plum Tatin, cooling, waiting only for a sprinkle of powdered sugar before serving. Yum!

Plum Tatin # 2: Batter Up!

Plum Tatin # 2: Batter Up!

Here are the caramel covered prune plums being covered in batter…

Plum Tatin: #1 Prune plums in caramel

Plum Tatin: #1 Prune plums in caramel

When I saw prune plums at Wilson Farms, I suddenly wanted Plum Cake Tatin, a French upside-down sort of cake with apples or plums smothered in caramel and then covered with batter, baked, cooled and inverted. This is the halved plums covered in caramel…

Chèvre and sautéed grapes

Chèvre and sautéed grapes

Another absolute treat from Michael Natkin at Herbivoracious! This recipe is a testament to the power of simple fresh herbs. Slightly warmed grapes in a touch of olive oil, scattered around goat cheese, all topped with fresh chives, fresh oregano and sea salt. It sounds so simple but it is so lovely.

Braised Endive with sauce Gribiche

Braised Endive with sauce Gribiche

Oh Gribiche! Pronounced ‘gree-beesh’, this classic French sauce is made by mashing a cooked egg yolk and mustard into a paste, then adding olive oil, capers, cornichons, parsley, tarragon, red wine vinegar, the cooked, diced egg white, and a squeeze of lemon. It is sublime. Braised endive is a great supporting vegetable, and it is also often served with asparagus. The sauce is so good, I swear you could simply go at it with a loaf of crusty bread…

Star Anise

Star Anise

So fragrant! And so pretty. Decided to add some star anise to an Elizabeth Falkner recipe for wine and cherries. These are from the great Penzey’s spice store, right here in Arlington, and online at

Cheesecake with wine soaked cherries

Cheesecake with wine soaked cherries

My favorite cheesecake recipe, cream cheese and eggs base, with sour cream and vanilla top layer. It hardly needs any topping but with cherries on hand, I thought they’d be a nice addition, with a little tweak. Cheesecake, cherries, wine, anise – all coming together quite nicely indeed.