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Lavender & Lime Cookies

Lavender & Lime Cookies

My, oh my, oh lavender. I love the fragrance of this dried flower, but could never dream of how intoxicating its undertones could be nestled in a butter cookie with a lime glaze. When I recently sampled a friend’s mother-in-law’s cookies with this combination, I knew I would have to beg for the family recipe, which was so kindly shared. If you do decide to bake with lavender, be sure you purchase culinary lavender (vs ornamental).


A quick bake, with the cookies perfuming the kitchen, a full cool down, and a zesty, sweet lime glaze, we arrive at cookie bliss.



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  1. I don’t think i would have arrived at this combination on my own, but your cookies look as well as sound delicious.

    Ps, thank you for pointing out to buy culinary lavender opposed to ornamental. It had never occurred to me that there may be one specifically for cooking.

    April 29, 2014

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