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A little background



My cooking philosophy is represented by three main goals:

– Slow down at meal time.
– Really taste and enjoy your nourishment.
– Eat well.

For all of us, the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like an evening meal, can be easily challenged by other noisier demands. My goal is to offer to as many dinner tables as possible a proper pause in the day, to refuel and regroup with your loved ones, over a dinner I’ve made for you, sources as seasonally and cleanly as possible. Enjoy your dinnertime.

I grew up in a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, where in the summer my brothers and I would eat wild blackberries by the handful, drink freshly pressed apple cider in the fall, breathe in fresh pine smell in our woods in winter, and welcome spring’s arrival with the most fragrant lilacs imaginable. The tastes and scents of these idyllic seasons instilled in me the sense to appreciate my surroundings.

I later went to college in Boston, lived in France (where I discovered the joy of a simple picnic of crackly baguette, local cheese and tangerines), traveled through many cultures and cuisines in Europe, worked in NYC, and finally returned to the great city of Boston.

For over a decade now, historic Arlington, MA has been our home, with my sweet husband and our two young children. Life gets very busy very suddenly for all of us, and we must make an effort to slow it all down every once in awhile.

About the name
My maiden name is Collier. One of my uncles owned a neighborhood butcher shop and deli in Charlestown, MA, by the name Collier’s Market. He retired after twenty wonderful years and closed its doors in the 90’s, but its memory lives on in those Charlestown streets.

Honoring the past, and looking to the future, it felt only right that we give the name new life. Here’s to happily feeding a new generation of busy people and families!

Thanks so much for visiting,
Instagram: colliersmarket

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