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Posts from the ‘Quick starters’ Category

Shrimp with Apricot sweet & spicy glaze

Shrimp with Apricot sweet & spicy glaze

Tender wild shrimp with a sweet and spicy glaze made of apricot jam, fresh grated ginger, cilantro and a hit of red pepper. Bright, hot, sweet and gone.

Cool Melon Summer Soup

Cool Melon Summer Soup

And on this smoking hot August day, here is a little chilled summer soup for you: cantaloupe, ginger, lime, mint, Lillet, strawberry.

Chèvre and sautéed grapes

Chèvre and sautéed grapes

Another absolute treat from Michael Natkin at Herbivoracious! This recipe is a testament to the power of simple fresh herbs. Slightly warmed grapes in a touch of olive oil, scattered around goat cheese, all topped with fresh chives, fresh oregano and sea salt. It sounds so simple but it is so lovely.